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Marketing Story Structure – Positioning Customer as Hero Is Key to Successful Outcome

by Lincoln Les

When customers interact with your brand online, they don’t desire to be bombarded with marketing pitch surrounding about ‘WE’ all through their website. ‘We have been around……’ or ‘we won an award for…….’ Actually, the customer is confused, how such messages can resolve their issues. You are about to add to your bounce rate!

It is helpful to qualify your business but not the primary thing customers look for. People care about their problems. So, if you tell them, ‘we help you resolve…….’ or ‘we take steps to ensure that your issue ………’ gets clicked. When you clearly tell what services, you provide and how will it be beneficial to them then they will listen.

Everything is about positioning!

Marketing story structure

The hero

Consider the story customer form around your products. Your target consumer has a relevant issue, which can be resolved using your product or services. You need to convey this in a way like you are the director and they are the hero of their own story. To become real customer, they will need to identify their pain points as well as believe that your products or services will resolve them.

The issue

Start the story with positioning the customer [reader] in context of hero struggling with an issue. Therefore, consider what key issues your product or services can resolve, and how they feel about this problem. You can visit Metapress, an online content publishing company for writing a marketing structure.

The challenge

At some point, customers may have made efforts to resolve the issue on their own. They spent hours searching and reading articles online about the specific issues they experience and what solutions are available. They may even have made a purchase or changes to resolve the issue. The marketing material needs to address the issue in such a way that will make them feel as if the solution is designed for them only.

The director

Remember, people make decision on the basis of emotions associated with the product. You need to be the navigator, so include not just great features but also guide them how these will help them. A director needs to inform, empower and build trust, so that the potential hero [customer] will be able to tackle the issue on their own. You play the role of a calm, wise optimistic director, who has faith in their hero and help them to conquer their dilemma.

The Plan

After empowering customer to resolve their issues give them a plan including call to action or CTA to buy or enroll or contact you. The plan has to be clear and simple without any confusion.

The end

‘The End’ of marketing story can have two outcome – negative or positive. For happy ending make sure that your product or service delivers satisfaction every time you guide a hero [customer].

Remember the marketing story structure to position customer as HERO!

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