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Discover Airtel BlueJeans and how to join a BlueJeans meeting

by Lincoln Les

We are currently living in times when working remotely or working in a hybrid setup has been completely normalised. One of the biggest drivers of this fact is that there has been a steady growth of internet calling and video chatting platforms, that make remote working easy. These platforms are quite easy to use, and the heavy penetration of internet in all sectors has also been key in their adaptation.

Yes, we do agree that there are tons of video conferencing tools and technology out there today. However, how sure are you about their safety features? Are they completely safe and keep all your private data secure? The real answer is, well, we can never be sure. But now, all that is about to change, and for the better!

Airtel has introduced its BlueJeans video conferencing platform, and in this blog, we’ll get to learn a bit more about it.

So, what is Airtel BlueJeans?

Well, to put it simply, Airtel BlueJeans is a video conferencing tool that puts privacy and data security at the very front. And it excels at it too. Airtel BlueJeans is supported on a wide variety of devices, including laptops, PCs, smartphones, or even a browser of your choice.

Therefore, it gives you the perfect sort of flexibility that you were looking for, in a video conferencing tool. However, flexibility and ease of use are not just its only benefit. Here are some additional features, that we think everyone will find quite handy while using Airtel BlueJeans:

Dolby Voice

Dolby Voice audio support ensures that you get unparalleled sound quality. Now is the time you can finally stop saying the often-used term ‘Am I audible?’ on video calls.

HD video

With HD video, you can sit back and relax when it comes to your video quality. With a steady internet connection by your side, you will be able to see everyone quite clearly on your screen. And so will others.

Other than audio and visual clarity, there are also a ton of other features, such as Smart Meetings and Command Centre Analytics that can enhance your video conferencing experience on Airtel BlueJeans. To know the full set of features available, we recommend that you get one of the plans yourself.

What are the benefits of Airtel BlueJeans?

Here’s a list of the benefits that mention why you should use Airtel BlueJeans every single day, to meet all your video conferencing needs:

Top notch security to deal with modern day threats

As we have already discussed above, security plays a key part in Airtel BlueJeans. Airtel understands that your business meetings and discussions are key to your success and growth. Therefore, privacy is of the highest concerns here. Airtel BlueJeans has enough protective features to ensure that no unwanted user joins your calls. Hence, you get the maximum peace of mind.

Easy to manage

Alongside privacy features, it is also important that you finally get a video conferencing platform that does not confuse you. Airtel understood the challenge here as well and has designed a platform that will not stress you out. BlueJeans provides everyone with a very intuitive interface, that makes content sharing quite easy.

Seamless connectivity features

For a video conferencing tool, it is also quite important that you have the features that enable users to reach out to many people. Now, with Airtel BlueJeans, you can achieve all that, and a bit more. You can host live interactive events with the tool and manage them too. Furthermore, with a capability to host meetings with up to 50,000 attendees, Airtel BlueJeans will even let you create webcasts and town hall meetings.

How to join a BlueJeans meeting?

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. First of all, open the email where the invite has been shared with you.
  2. On the email invite, you will see an option that says, ‘Join Meeting’. Proceed to click on it.
  3. A new screen will open up, where you’ll have to choose the audio option that you want. You can also switch on or switch off your mic and camera from here.
  4. Finally, click on ‘Join Meeting’ once more and you will enter the room.

That’s it!

In addition to Airtel BlueJeans, Airtel also has other lucrative options when it comes to optimising your business. The Airtel broadband for business is a very effective broadband plan designed specifically for your corporate needs. Furthermore, you can also try the Airtel landline for business, which is a phone connection to streamline all corporate communication.

To learn more about these features, visit the Airtel business page right away!

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