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Why Choose the Nine Spectrum LED System?

by Lincoln Les

The X-Cite NOVEM is a machine equipped with top-notch Laser LED Hybrid Drive Technology that uses high-efficiency laser diodes to excite the phosphor layer. It generates light of intense broad peak, ensuring much power in the specific part of the spectrum. The extreme power subsequently leads to an increase in performance.

Additionally, the nine channels of the LED system are individually controllable and very powerful to the extent of being bright enough to rival the arc lamps when it comes to Microscopy applications. Each channel of the LED system can also be adjusted to its intensity in a 1 % increment, giving one optimum flexibility and control while using the device.

Faster Response Time and Better-Quality Imaging

The high technology used in the Nine Spectrum LED System reduces the exposure and scanning times highly to the samples. It, however, is accompanied by the improved image quality and increased productivity in most of the device’s applications. Indeed, much time saved is equivalent to making more money; what would be better than that?

Whisper Quiet Operations

Nothing beats the silence in the operations provided by the device; it utilizes an ultra-efficient design for thermal management that ensures that the machine does minimal noise interference. It ensures that optimal working environments are maintained in the lab even while the device is in use.

Variety Of Control Options

The Nine Spectrum LED Systems are equipped with four readily available input options; they range between Speed Dial, the on/off TTL (Transistor- transistor Logic), the USB option, and Analog inputs for automated applications. Additionally, there are free downloadable control panels GUI that have also been expanded to nine channels. It makes it easier to troubleshoot connections, create LED groups, and set up ring buffers for single-input triggering.

The speed dial has also been updated for manual control. One may use the main dial to turn LEDs on or off and also in adjusting their intensity. They also have smaller slide buttons that may conveniently scroll through the channels of the nine spectra LED system. Finally, the speed dial has a new display layout that provides the channel number, LED status, intensity, and peak wavelength. This aids in making the device user-friendly and also easier to use.

Smart Clean-Up Filters

Smart clean-up filters are usually pre-installed in an individual holder inside each of the five independent LEDs. They are typically mounted onto dowel pins which then slide out whenever they are not in use. With the regions of 500nm to 600nm, the four-position filter changer automatically moves the appropriate clean-up filter into place when one selects channels between 4 and 7. The Laser LED Hybrid Drive usually powers all this. What more could one want?

Warranty Available

The LED on the nine spectra LED system is equipped with a 3-year warranty, equivalent to 25,000 hours of use, whereas the other components have a one-year warranty. It ensures that one of the high-quality products used on the device would subsequently result in a higher quality performance.

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