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How to Speed Up the Load Time of your Website

by Lincoln Les

As a website owner, you cannot afford to waste even a minute of your time. This is especially true in terms of designing your website. A professional website design created by web designers singapore will satisfy your audience’s demand with a range of options to view the web.

Even if you have an attractive website, visitors will not stick around when your pages do not load fast. That is why you must ensure your web design is working for your website. Here are tips to help you with this:

Don’t Use Too Much Flash

Although Flash has its place in professional website design, you must use it sparingly when creating a site. Flash can increase the download time of your website. Also, it not yet accessible to search engines, thus, it can only hinder your search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts.

Remember that Less is More in Terms of Codes

Although HTML text is faster than graphic text, you can make it even faster. Look for extraneous HTML codings such as white spaces, unnecessary tags, and spaces which can increase your files’ size. Try to clean up your codes and use defaults for tags or eliminate them if possible.

Compress Images

Compressing images before adding them to your website design can reduce or shrink a JPEG or GIF image buy up to half its original size. Also, ensure the images’ height and weight are specified in your HTML to reduce loading time.

Utilise Thumbnails

E-commerce websites need thumbnails for their design. Give your customers a small, fast-loading image of your product and allow them to decide whether they wish to view the image’s bigger version.

Keep an Eye on Page Size

Some pages can be big enough to cause a slow response when every piece of your site is put together. Just focus on using content that is necessary and limit the size to 30 KB.

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