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Serendipity – Successful Virtual Team-Building Activities for Companies in Singapore

by Lincoln Les

Team-building activities are activities that help bring a team closer together and improve communication. But what is the best way to do this when everyone works remotely? In recent years, more companies embrace the idea that team-building activities don’t always have to be done face-to-face. Virtual Team Building Singapore has some great activities for virtual teams! We’ll go over five of them below.

Below are 5 great activities provided by Virtual Team Building Singapore are:

  • The Golden Bridge: This activity needs at least two people, but can be done with many participants. It’s a game where players take turns coming up with words or phrases in response to prompts from their teammates (or themselves). This is one of the most frequently played games on Virtual Team Building Singapore.
  • Pyramid Building: This activity pairs people up to work together. One person lays out a card in the shape of a pyramid with one dot on it and then asks their partner to draw as many dots they want on the card before flipping it over so that they can do another. Play continues until someone flips over all of their cards and successfully builds a triangle!
  • Word Jumble: This game is like a combination of Wheel of Fortune and crossword puzzles. A player starts by drawing three words from the deck, then reads them out loud to find their meaning before connecting them in any order they would like into one sentence.
  • Storytelling: This game is a bit like acting. One person starts by telling one sentence from the story, and then they pass on the narrative to their partner, who continues with another sentence until it’s finished.
  • The Dictator: This game is a good exercise for building creativity. One player creates an outline of the story, then picks up to five words used in it and divides them into three piles. The other players take turns choosing one word from each bank until they come up with a creative story about these lines!

Play all of these exciting games on Virtual Team Building Singapore now!

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