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Enjoy the Benefits of Mixbook in Designing Your Graduation Cards

by Lincoln Les

Congratulations! That’s what everyone looks forward to hearing after years of hard work and sacrifices. Graduation is an event that we all long to celebrate after our studies. In fact, from the first day of school, that’s what keeps us going; it’s the dream we hope to achieve after the many long days and late nights. When it comes, the celebration is worth it, and we deserve it. Send your loved ones these amazing custom graduation cards from Mixbook and make them feel special. You can also design your graduation cards and inspire your guests on your graduation. It is interesting and fun. Sign up on their website to get started.

Mixbook is a top-notch online service that allows you to design graduation cards the way you want. It also offers printing and delivery services. The service stands out from its competitors due to its level of uniqueness, creativity, and quality. Other factors that make it among the best when making your graduation cards include:

Easy to use

Mixbook makes your experience simple and uncomplicated. The aim is to make you enjoy yourself while creating your graduation card. It provides you with easy-to-follow and guided steps and templates to make it even more understandable.

It is convenient

It is an online service allowing you to access it through your phone or computer and an internet connection. Hence, you can use it from various devices and any location. The software also enhances uploading photos from your phone and social media accounts, among other storage sources.

Has several filter options

Mixbook has various editing features allowing you to customize your graduation card to your personality. There is a lot to choose from, including backgrounds, orientations, colors, shapes, fonts, texts, and more.

High-quality products

The papers are top-quality to give your cards an elegant look and a luxurious feel. Select your paper choice from signature matte 100lb, 12pt, premium 130lb, 16pt, and pearl finish 110lb, 14.5pt, whichever works best for you.

Exceptional customer service

Mixbook has a dedicated live chat team ready to help and assist you 24/7. They answer your questions, help with your orders and ensure fast shipping and timely deliveries.

How to create your graduation card using Mixbook

  •       Choose the style that you like, including colors that define your educational background and personality.
  •       Upload photos that stood out during your study period or pictures that match your educational achievements.
  •       Customize your graduation card using the several available editing options, including stickers, texts, orientation, format, backgrounds, and more. You can also invite a friend to help you.
  •       Add the final details, select your paper and cover type to match your anticipation, and define your style.

After you are done with designing your graduation card, you leave all the work to them. The team prints your cards and delivers them to your location. They also provide envelopes to make your work easier.


Despite the level of education, your graduation is such a fulfilling achievement that it calls for a celebration. Mixbook allows you to make it unique and impressive and create a lasting memory in your loved one’s mind. Enjoy the freedom of creating a remarkable graduation card preserving your identity and likes. Sign up today to enjoy the benefits of Mixbook and stand out from the crowd.

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