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Read to Know About Military Auto Shipping

by Lincoln Les

When we talk about military auto shipping, it refers to transporting the vehicles for military employees, or shipping of military vehicles themselves. Almost every car transporter available in the country can ship vehicles for all military members, but cannot transport military vehicles.

Most of the car transporters can carry vehicles both to and from all fifty states and also Alaska, Hawaii, etc. They will also offer competitive discounts particularly for military members and they can also handle almost all types of military vehicles, as long as they have got wheels.

Receiving a PCS move order means you along with your family have to move quickly. If you have decided to go on your own, by using any non-military movers to transport your POV to your new duty location then Ship a Car, Inc. can help you out as a military car shipping company.

Most of the military members and also their families were among the most loyal customers of SAC for many years and usually, they use their reliable car shipping services after getting PCS notice. SAC has many exceptionally qualified staff who can answer all their questions.

SAC can schedule shipments as per their needs and can communicate quickly if ever any challenges arise. SAC fully understands that military persons have a lot on their plate and SAC will reduce their worry of transporting their POVs.

What is all about military auto shipping?

As far as the military auto-shipping services are concerned as its name suggests it is all about shipping vehicles owned by the military members. It may also include shipping of military vehicles, e.g. jeeps and Humvees.

Every car shipping company out there, who may either be a broker or also an actual carrier, will be ready to offer any military car transport services meant for military members, whether they are in their active service or retired.

You may find various services offered mostly to people who are actively serving military but it is very rare to see that even retired military service members are also offered such service.  However, most of the auto transporters in the country never discriminate based on whether the person is presently in their active service or already retired.

There are vehicle shipping services available both for open and enclosed transportation. Usually, any open transportation service mode will be the cheapest service and also the most preferred one due to its cost-effectiveness.

Often enclosed option is suggested if your car is a very expensive one that is not regularly driven. However, you must note here that usually, any enclosed transport service takes a much longer time to deliver as there are very few customers who may opt for enclosed transport services.

Unless the shipping company gets enough clients demanding enclosed transport, they cannot send their trailer with empty spaces.

Another thing that must be noted is that here we are discussing only military auto transport services all throughout the US. Every car transport company available will handle mostly domestic auto shipping service and not international. In case you need to transport to any military base outside the US and its outlying territories, then you will need a certain international transportation company.

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