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Things to Consider Before Hiring Local Movers

by Lincoln Les

Whenever you buy a new thing for you or your home, you check its functionality, quality and value before buying it. But unfortunately, you do not check the services and the authenticity of the top movers in Toronto before hiring them that too when you know they will be taking care of your possessions. So, how to find the inside story of a moving company that will prove not only trustworthy but also will fulfill your expectations?

Here are few simple things to know about hiring of a moving company that can exceed your hopes:

  • Ask for References: Your friends, colleagues and relatives can prove the best source to know about top moving companies in Toronto. It is because whoever has just made a move, can explain his experience with movers and you are likely to trust his perspective more. If you get in touch with a past customer of the moving company, it will be an extra bonus to know more about the company. After getting references, you can search for reviews of the said company. Don’t forget that these reviews can be positive and/or negative. So take these reviews as just a pinch of salt in the ocean of information.
  • Look for Credentials: If you have finalized one of the top movers of Toronto, you must check company’s license which should be registered with BBB (Better Business Bureau). You should check the BBB number of the company on its website. The registration number is also displayed on various advertisements which will make it easy to check the safety record of the company. It will also show the listing date of the company that will explain how long has the company been in this business.
  • Get InHouse Estimate: Top moving companies in Toronto will offer a comprehensive proposal and price quote after sending a person to your house for an in-house inspection of the items to be moved. Don’t fall prey to those companies that give estimate on phone without even asking few questions. It may seem accurate initially but there are chances that may go high on the moving day or after the move is over. So after short listing couple of movers, ask them to provide you with estimate.
  • They Are Brokers or Real Movers: While searching for moving companies, you may come across few moving companies that are actually brokers and our source the shipment. It means you are not directly in contact with the people who have come to your place for packing or moving the boxes. You must go only with those top moving companies in Toronto that are actual movers and are liable for their work.
  • Transparency: The movers that you hire should be clear on every single detail. They should give you a written estimate and the services they will provide. You can ask them if there are any hidden charges or ant fee that they will charge at the end of the move.

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