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Ford Cars Under 10 lakh

by Lincoln Les

Ford India has an extensive lineup of cars and SUVs and the key differentiators for its lineup are design, comfort, and performance.  The mid-range versions of the Figo car come with power windows on all four doors, while the top-end variant gets all this as well as air conditioning. The engine is very powerful and responsive, while the suspension setup works great over bad roads as well as highways. It also has a really great fuel economy which is another major plus point for these Ford cars under 10 lakhs in India.

Top Ford Cars Under 10 lakh

Ford Freestyle:

The Ford Freestyle comes with a 3-liter diesel engine that makes it one highly powerful car among its competitors, although the sheer weight of the vehicle ensures that the full potential of this motor cannot be exploited due to sluggish throttle response. The overall driving experience however can be described as smooth and refined with minimal noise intrusion into the cabin. Ride quality is very good through most surfaces but on broken roads, refinement takes a hit due to strong vibrations and noise entering the cabin.

Ford Figo:

The Ford Figo is an impressive car in terms of design. It has this very sporty look that makes it stand out among its competition in the Indian market, while at the same time ensuring that it does not lose out on practicality. The car comes with a 1.2-liter TiVCT petrol engine under its hood. This ensures good fuel economy along with high performance which is something rare to find in a car under 10 lakhs rupees.

Ford EcoSport:

The Ford EcoSport is one versatile vehicle that can be used for both city roads as well as rugged terrains with equal ease. The rugged SUV styling works well in creating a persona of a vehicle that can be used in any manner the owner desires, while never compromising on style. It gets a 1.5-liter TiVCT petrol motor that makes it one very powerful car for its size.

Ford Aspire:

The Ford Aspire is an absolute stunner when it comes to design and elegant exterior styling, but does this translate into good performance, practicality or comfort? Well, not really. It looks like a gorgeous sedan that will give you luxury in style but lacks the substance at the same time to make it an impressive offering in India under 10 lakh rupees. The ride quality is decent at best, while fuel economy is average as compared to the upcoming Ford cars in India.

Ford Aspire:

Last but not the least, there is the Ford Aspire sedan. This car comes with a 1.5 liter Duratec petrol engine that gets good fuel economy numbers to match its performance levels. The drive quality in this car is very refined and smooth, while at the same time ensuring good handling capabilities in city conditions as well as highways.

Ford India manufactures many cars under 10 lakh rupees which are best in class in their respective price ranges. Besides, if you are worried about the accessories of the Ford Car, then rest assured you can easily buy car accessories online at Carorbis.com – the leading online store where you can get car exterior and interior accessories at the best prices. . These cars offer superior value for money when compared to other brands. In all, Ford has some good options for those looking for cars under 10 lakh rupees. It does quite well on most fronts.

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