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A simple art jamming guide for beginners

by Lincoln Les


Art jamming Singapore is an activity that started as a social painting experience. It is an activity that was coined by none other than Betty Cheung back in the year 2000. The intention of art jamming was mainly to invite people who needed motivation and people who needed to get inspired. Those who needed invigorations and rejuvenations also benefited from art jamming. Although people believe that one needs to be an experienced artist to get into an art jamming Singapore workshop and activities, the truth is the opposite. Everyone and anyone can simply get involved with art jamming regardless of whether they are artists or not.

Different types of art jamming

Before you get started with art jamming, it is very important that you try to understand the different types of art jamming that exist today. This is important because art jamming is mainly done on canvas but it can also be done on other mediums. There are four major types of art jamming and include individual art jamming, group art jamming, neon art jamming, and tote bag art jamming among other types of art jamming.

Myths about art jamming

If you are just getting started with art jamming, it is very important that you get to know the different myths of art jamming and how to go about them. The first one of them all is about art jamming being a very expensive art. Today, there are many art jamming workshops available for people that the price has been subsidizing. You can also settle for a workshop that you can afford. The second myth is to do with a background in art. Although many people believe that one should have a background in art for them to be an art jammer, the truth of the matter is that art jamming Singapore can be done by anyone and everyone.

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